Bayshore Bikeway - Schedule & Budget

Following are the anticipated schedules by segment:

Palomar – Main Segment (Segment 8B, Main Street and Bay Boulevard to Bay Boulevard and Palomar Street) - The project is currently in the final design phase.

Bayshore Bikeway Segment 8B – Project Timeline (English)
Barrio Logan Segment (32nd Street to Park Boulevard) - The project is currently in the final design phase. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2020. 
Bayshore Bikeway Barrio Logan Segment – Project Timeline (English)
Budget and Project Funding
TransNet, the regional half-cent sales tax for transportation administered by SANDAG, is funding the cost of planning, preliminary engineering, and environmental analysis of the Bayshore Bikeway, as well as a portion of the construction. The project is part of the $200 million Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program approved by the SANDAG Board of Directors in September 2013.
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