Riding to 2050: San Diego Regional Bike Plan proposes a vision for a diverse regional bike system of interconnected corridors, support facilities, and programs to make biking a convenient form of transportation for everyday travel. The plan, now known as GO by BIKE, is intended to guide the development of the regional bike network through the year 2050.

Planning for a more bike friendly region helps resolve multiple complex and interrelated issues, including traffic congestion, air quality, climate change, public health, and livability. By guiding the region toward the creation of a substantial regional bike network, this plan can affect all of these issue areas, thereby improving existing and future quality of life in the San Diego region.

The Bike Plan presents an interconnected network of bike corridors that will enable residents to bike safely on more direct and convenient routes within and between major regional destinations and activity centers. It also supports implementation of both the SANDAG Regional Comprehensive Plan (RCP) and the SANDAG 2050 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

The RCP calls for more transportation choices and a balanced regional transportation system that supports smart growth and a more sustainable region. The RTP calls for a multimodal regional transportation system that includes a regional bike network. The Bike Plan provides that network.

Investing in Active Transportation

Biking and walking are modes of active transportation, a concept that emphasizes the health benefits of these modes of travel for individuals and communities. In October 2011, SANDAG adopted the 2050 RTP and Sustainable Communities Strategy, which made an unprecedented commitment to active transportation. In September 2013, the SANDAG Board of Directors approved $200 million to implement the Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program (EAP). Over the next ten years, the EAP will:

Prior to establishing the early action program, SANDAG had set aside initial funding to implement portions of the high-priority regional bike projects and to initiate work on several supporting programs.

More information is available from our San Diego Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program fact sheet.

Interactive San Diego Regional Bike Map

To protect the health and safety of the San Diego region, our offices are closed to the public. During this time, our Regional Bike Maps will not be available for pick up from our office. To receive a bike map by mail, please email or view the San Diego Regional Bike Map at

Bike to Work Day

While the 30th Annual SANDAG Bike to Work Day, originally scheduled for Thursday, May 14, 2020, has been postponed, SANDAG has prepared a variety of digital options to support San Diegans as they GO by BIKE. To learn more about other activities and to access digital resources that support San Diegans as they GO by BIKE, visit the iCommute Bike Month webpage

SANDAG is committed to hosting a fun, safe, and successful Bike to Work Day event while protecting our participants, staff, and volunteers. To ensure a safe and healthy environment for our region, the 30th Annual SANDAG Bike to Work Day has been postponed to Thursday, May 20, 2021. We are excited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the San Diego region’s Bike to Work Day activities in 2021.

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