Eastern Hillcrest Bikeways (Segment 2)

The Eastern Hillcrest Bikeways project is one of five segments planned as part of the Uptown Bikeways, which will enhance neighborhood connectivity between Uptown, Old Town, Mission Valley, Downtown San Diego, North Park, and Balboa Park.

The Eastern Hillcrest Bikeways project consists of separated bikeways and buffered bike lanes on University Avenue from Ninth Avenue to Normal Street, and on Normal Street from University Avenue to Lincoln Avenue. The project also includes shared lane markings and traffic calming features on Lincoln Avenue from Normal Street to Georgia Street. A southbound connection will consist of painted shared lane makings and traffic calming features on Richmond Street or Herbert Street between University Avenue and Robinson Avenue, and painted bike lanes on Robinson Avenue from Richmond Street or Herbert Street to Park Boulevard.

The project incorporates traffic calming measures and improvements for people walking, such as high visibility crosswalks, mid-block crossings, curb extensions, traffic circles, and traffic signal enhancements.

Separated bikeways are protected from vehicle lanes by a vertical element such as raised medians, on-street parking, or bollards, and provide a degree of safety desired by people who are interested in biking for transportation, but are concerned about the safety of riding with vehicle traffic. Buffered bike lanes are conventional bike lanes combined with a painted buffer that increases the distance between people on bikes and the adjacent motor vehicle travel lane and/or parking lane.

The Eastern Hillcrest Bikeways segment is currently in the final design phase, with construction expected to begin in 2020. Please check the Notices tab for project updates or sign up to be added to our email list.

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Chris Romano, AICP, LEED AP ND
SANDAG Project Manager
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