Uptown Regional Bike Corridors Project

UptownThe Uptown Regional Bike Corridors Project will create connections within neighborhoods, improve streets, and create links to the larger bike network being built throughout the region. The project will provide on-street bicycle facilities from Old Town and Mission Valley through Uptown to Downtown; it also will build a facility from Uptown to North Park and University Heights and then up to Balboa Park. The Uptown corridors were identified in the San Diego Regional Bike Plan. The Uptown project includes one of the first groups of high priority projects identified in the bike plan to be funded for implementation. More information is available on the project's fact sheet. Information from recent community meetings is available under the Community Involvement tab.

Project Status

After extensive public outreach efforts and preliminary analysis, bikeway alignments that appear to best meet project objectives – and present the most opportunity to create an excellent community asset – have been identified along all 12 miles of the three project corridors. The alignments were evaluated against the following five goals:

  1. Mobility: Increase choices; connect communities
  2. Experience: Improve travel safety for everyone, and create an exceptional biking experience
  3. Community: Build on and support related community initiatives
  4. Placemaking: Enhance community identity and public spaces
  5. Economic Development: Improve public infrastructure and strengthen opportunities for community and business development

More detailed engineering analysis and environmental studies will be conducted over the next year to evaluate design solutions. The project team also will work to identify opportunities to align the project design with existing community initiatives to achieve the best project possible.

Next Steps

  • Direct outreach to residents and businesses along project alignments
  • Collaboration with public agencies and community organizations to solve design challenges and identify opportunities for enhancements
  • Environmental review
  • Engineering analysis and cost feasibility
  • Project updates via presentations to community groups, email, and social media

Project Manager

Beth Robrahn, AICP
Project Manager | Uptown Regional Bike Corridor Project 
401 B Street, Suite 800
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 699-6980
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