Project Update:

Caltrans has been studying the environmental impacts of adding Express Lanes along SR 94 between I-805 and Downtown San Diego. The addition of these Express Lanes would support the planned South Bay Rapid service, as well as carpools and vanpools along the route.

Local and state representatives, as well as community stakeholders, along the project alignment have recently requested that Caltrans and SANDAG consider incorporating community-based alternatives into the SR 94 Express Lanes Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Specifically, we have been asked to study buses on shoulders options, general purpose lane conversions and access to transit from local communities along 94.

The proposed Bus on Shoulder Project addresses the community’s request to study buses on shoulders in the SR 94/I-805 corridor on an interim basis.  Caltrans will also be analyzing a general lane conversion alternative and providing direct access to existing and future Rapid services from the communities along 94, which requires evaluation of the SR 15/SR 94 HOV direct connector.
The draft environmental document will be released for public review and comment once the additional analysis has been completed. View the agenda item from the 7/17/15 Transportation Committee


The State Route 94 (SR 94) corridor is a vital east-west route in San Diego County. It serves primarily as a commuter route to and from Downtown San Diego and experiences high traffic volume during peak daily commute times.

The SR 94 Express Lanes Project would provide commuters with enhanced transportation choices by adding two Express Lanes along SR 94, one in each direction from I-5 to I-805, with a direct freeway-to-freeway High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) connector at I-805. The Express Lanes would accommodate carpools/vanpools, in addition to new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service. The FasTrak® electronic toll system may be implemented in the future to allow single occupant vehicles to use the Express Lanes for a fee. The project also would modify interchanges, connectors, and bridge overcrossings and undercrossings in the project corridor.

The SR 94 Express Lanes would connect to a wider network of Express Lanes on I-805, and at a future date on I-15/SR 15, creating a critical link for the regional multimodal transportation system. The end result would be a flexible freeway system that increases transportation choices and improves traffic and interchange operations for commuters and transit riders, and enhances connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists within the local community.

Project Goals

  • Increase transportation choices for commuters by providing a facility that will accommodate HOV and BRT use in the project corridor
  • Facilitate connections with other regional and local multimodal facilities
  • Improve interchange operations within the project corridor, where feasible
  • Maintain or improve projected traffic operations for general purpose lanes on SR 94 within the project corridor
  • Sustain the SR 94 corridor as a transportation resource for nearby residential and commercial uses in local neighborhoods
  • Minimize impacts to the residents, businesses, and the natural environment along the project corridor
  • Identify opportunities for project features, including improved pedestrian and bicycle access, upgraded landscaping, decorative architectural features, park and open space development, and local transit improvements
  • Provide consistency with the SANDAG 2050 San Diego Regional Transportation Plan, current Regional Transportation Improvement Program, and applicable federal and state regulations; meet associated transportation goals