Three improvement projects were constructed to reduce traffic congestion and improve traffic flow just west of the SR 78/I-15 interchange. These projects included the addition of east and westbound auxiliary lanes and ramp improvements, and rebuilding the Nordahl Road Bridge. The cost of these three projects was approximately $41.1 million.

Westbound SR 78 Lanes: This project widened the connecting on-ramp from the I-15, adding a fifth westbound lane from the connector to Nordahl Road and adding a lane to the westbound Nordahl Road off-ramp. The project opened to traffic on January 19, 2012.

Eastbound SR 78 Lanes: This project added a lane between Woodland Parkway and Barham Drive on-ramps. Other improvements included adding two eastbound lanes between the Barham Drive on-ramp and the end of the off-ramp for Nordahl Road. Work began in January 2012 and the new lanes opened on May 1, 2013.

Nordahl Road Bridge: This project replaced the original Nordahl Road Bridge. The new bridge has an additional two feet of clearance to allow taller trucks to pass under it. It is also one lane wider than the older bridge, which helps motorists make left hand turns from the bridge onto the highway. Also, the westbound and eastbound off-ramps to Nordahl Road were widened to include one additional turning lane to prevent vehicles from backing up onto the freeway. Work began in late February 2012 and the new bridge opened to traffic in November 2012.

SR 78 project video  SR 78 Project Map