The three-year “Bus on Shoulder” Demonstration Project is a partnership between SANDAG, Caltrans, MTS, California Highway Patrol, and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Rapid BusThe project will allow South Bay Rapid buses equipped with specially trained drivers and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies to operate at low speeds on the freeway shoulders, between Downtown San Diego and National City along segments of I-805 and SR 94 during periods of heavy traffic congestion.

The demonstration project will help explore potential opportunities to reduce traffic congestion and improve the reliability of emission-reducing public transportation alternatives. It will be implemented in two phases to install technology infrastructure, enhance highway safety, and measure project performance.

The pilot program employs advanced ITS technologies to give bus drivers proven and immediate feedback regarding lane position and possible conflicts with other vehicles or obstructions through audio, visual, and physical alerts.

The program includes the San Diego region’s first use of advanced vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies to enhance safety along shoulders and adjacent freeway entrance ramps and areas.

After the program’s three-year term, the pilot will conclude, and the project area will be restored to its prior condition.

Schedule and Budget

The pilot is anticipated to begin operating in late 2020/early 2021.

Budget for the project is approximately $30.9 million (includes $17 million for new Rapid buses). The project is funded by the Federal Transit Administration and TransNet, the regional half-cent sales tax for transportation administered by SANDAG.


Charter Memo

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Concept of Operations and User Needs

2005-2006 I-805/SR 52 Bus On Shoulder Demonstration project


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