NEW! In early March 2019, SANDAG and Caltrans began bridge and safety improvements on the Sweetwater River Bridge located along I-805 between Bonita Road in Chula Vista and SR 54 in National City.

The bridge and safety improvements are part of the I-805 South Corridor Enhancement Projects, which span more than three miles along I-805 from just north of East Naples Street in Chula Vista to SR54 in National City. The projects also include five new sound wall segments along I-805 that began construction in summer 2018.

I-805 South Express Lanes Project

The I-805 South Express Lanes Project area is roughly 11 miles, between East Palomar Street in Chula Vista and the I-805/SR 15 interchange in San Diego. The project includes the addition of carpool (HOV)/Express Lanes within the freeway median. Additionally, the project includes the construction of a Direct Access Ramp (DAR) at East Palomar Street in Chula Vista that connects to the carpool/Express Lanes, as well as intermediate access points, direct connectors, in-line transit stations, and park & ride locations. The I-805 South Express Lanes Project will be constructed in two major phases. 

Modern New Transportation Backbone 

The I-805 South Express Lanes Project is an integral part of a modern, new transportation backbone that will meet the future needs of travelers in our region. Since the I-805 opened in 1975, vehicle trips on the freeway have increased by 300 percent.

Improvements to I-805 will help accommodate the projected population and employment growth in the region by connecting employment and activity centers including offices, retail stores, recreational facilities, communities and schools. Improvements to I-805 also will help maintain and grow the region’s economy, through the enhanced movement of goods and services along a main transportation artery for the region. 

The project corridor links San Diego to the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, as well as Orange, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties. It is critical for both international and interregional shipping. The Otay Mesa Port of Entry accommodates 94 percent of commercial truck traffic in the region and handles more than $42.5 billion in goods each year.

Project Funding

The project will cost an estimated $1.1 billion to complete.  Funding is expected to come from a combination of federal, state, and local programs, including the local TransNet half-cent sales tax for transportation projects.

Phase 1  - COMPLETE

Phase 1 improvements include the addition of one carpool, or HOV, lane, in each direction along an eight-mile segment stretching from East Naples Street in Chula Vista to State Route 94 (SR 94) in San Diego. Phase 1 also includes a new DAR and a Transit Station and Park & Ride at East Palomar Street in Chula Vista, and the addition of 10 sound walls along the route to help mitigate freeway noise and enhance the quality of life for neighboring communities.

  • Carpool Lanes –  Eight miles of new carpool lanes opened in March 2014 between East Naples Street in Chula Vista and State Route 94 in San Diego as part of the first phase of the I-805 South Express Lanes Project. The lanes traverse through Chula Vista, National City and San Diego. They help improve traffic flow, alleviate congestion on the highway, and will serve the planned South Bay Rapid system, carpools, vanpools, motorcycles and permitted clean air vehicles. View map.
  • East Palomar Street DAR, Transit Station and Park & Ride – Construction began on the East Palomar Street Direct Access Ramp (DAR), Transit Station and Park & Ride in summer 2013. The project provides travelers with convenient access to the South Bay Rapid, and offers a convenient location from which transit, carpools, vanpools, motorcycles, and solo drivers in permitted clean-air vehicles can access the HOV lanes. The East Palomar Street bridge opened in late 2016 and the DAR, Transit Station and Park & Ride opened to traffic in early 2017. Landscaping of the project area was completed in fall 2017.
  • Sound Walls – Construction began in fall 2013 to build sound walls along the project area to help reduce freeway noise and enhance the quality of life for neighboring communities. Phase 1 includes the construction of 10 sound walls, which were completed in summer 2014.
  • East Plaza Boulevard Auxiliary Lane – A northbound auxiliary lane and southbound through lane at East Plaza Boulevard were completed in January 2016. These new lanes are improving overall freeway flow by accommodating the maneuvering of entering and exiting traffic.

    Phase 2

    The second phase of the I-805 South Express Lanes Project will further expand transportation choices by expanding the carpool lanes into Express Lanes, allowing for solo drivers using FasTrak®. Phase 2 also includes the addition of in-line transit stations and direct freeway-to-freeway HOV connectors.

    • Express Lanes* – The carpool lanes will be converted into Express Lanes between East Palomar Street and the I-805/SR 15 interchange. The Express Lanes will serve the South Bay Rapid, carpools, vanpools, buses, motorcycles, permitted clean air vehicles, and solo drivers using FasTrak®.
    • Transit Stations* – In-line transit stations will be constructed at East H Street in Chula Vista and East Plaza Boulevard in National City. These stops will provide convenient access to the South Bay Rapid system and reduce travel times by eliminating the need for vehicles to exit the freeway. A transit station along State Route 94 and an in-line transit station along I-805 near the 47th Street Trolley Station are planned as parts of other projects.
    • Direct Connectors* – Direct freeway-to-freeway HOV connectors between I-805 and SR 15 will allow seamless transitions between the carpool lanes. The direct connectors will help maintain consistent traffic speed within the Express Lanes. A direct connector at SR 94 is planned as part of a separate project. 
    • Sound Walls – Phase 2 of the I-805 South Express Lanes Project will include the construction of additional sound wall segments. Walls will abate freeway noise by at least five decibels and will improve the quality of life for nearby residents. Construction of the first stage of sound walls will begin in fall 2018. Additional construction will be scheduled as funding becomes available.
    * Construction of these improvements will be scheduled as funding becomes available.

    Construction Notices

    Construction notices are available under the Construction Notices tab.

    Safety is a top priority for Caltrans. Every precaution will be taken to ensure the protection of both workers and motorists during construction. In an effort to keep the community informed, Caltrans will provide regular updates on construction hours, closures and detours through signage, notices, and this web page. A construction hotline also has been established at (888) 941-5005.

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