1. Will Caltrans widen the bridge walkways?

Caltrans is working with each city along the project length concerning widening sidewalks on the bridges and undercrossings. It is anticipated that east-west connectivity will be re-established or enhanced.

2. Are there plans for a new north/south route parallel to I-5?

SANDAG is currently investigating.

3. Is it possible to lower the highway at certain locations or build tunnels?

Lowering the freeway or building tunnels is not feasible due to high cost.

4. Where will auxiliary lanes be added along I-5?

Auxiliary lanes will be added throughout the corridor for weaving purposes.

5. How will the project be funded?

It will be a combination of TransNet, federal, state, and local funds.

6. How can the public stay informed?

By periodically visiting this web site.

7. Is the I-5/SR-56 connector project a part of the I-5 Managed Lanes project?

No, improvements to address the I-5/SR-56 interchanges have separate usefulness, as they address a different need than the managed lanes, and are therefore being pursued as a separate project in partnership between Caltrans and the City of San Diego.