1. When are you going to start construction over the SR 52 summit?

Construction to extend the existing SR 52 westbound number three (3) lane from Santo Road to Interstate 15 began in summer of 2007. This follow up project will also extend the existing SR52 eastbound number three (3) lane from the summit of SR 52 to Mast Boulevard. This project is scheduled to complete in late spring of 2008.

2. When will construction start through Santee? When will it be done?

Construction to extend SR 52 east from SR 125 to SR 67 began in fall of 2007. The extension will be constructed in three units as follows:
Unit 4: Construct new SR 52 freeway from SR 125 to Cuyamac Street.
Unit 5A: Construct new freeway-to-freeway interchange at SR 52 and SR 67.
Unit 5B: Construct new SR 52 freeway from Cuyamaca Street to SR52/SR67 Interchange.
Unit 4 construction began in fall of 2007 followed by Units 5A and 5B. Completion of construction for all three units is anticipated in March 2011.

3. Is there anything that will delay your construction through Santee?

We have applied to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to seek approval to construct a grade crossing between the proposed SR 52 eastbound exit ramp and the existing trolley line for the Cuyamaca Street interchange. The applcation is currently under review by the CPUC. If the proposed grade crossing is rejected, the project's schedule and cost will be impacted.

4. How will the project be funded?

It will be a combination of TransNet, Federal State & Local Funds.

5. Has right-of-way in Santee needed for the SR 52 extension been purchased? If not, when will this be complete?

We are approximately seventy five (75) percent complete with the purchase of all right of way required for the project.

6. Who do I call if I have a complaint about the right of way Caltrans already owns?

All questions regarding right of way owned by Caltrans along the planned SR 52 extension in the City of Santee can be directed to Rene Fletcher, Associate Right of Way Agent at (619) 688-3178

7. I like the new lane that was just added on SR 52, but why didn't you make it a few hundred feet longer?

The State Route 52 westbound lane that was opened on May, 1 2007 by the California Department of Transportation is not the final solution to the State Route (SR) 52 rush-hour problem. It is, however, a significant first step to solving the immediate problem. The SR 52 westbound lane that was opened from the Mission Trail Summit to the Santo Road interchange is the first piece of a larger project that is planned to extend the third SR 52 westbound lane to Interstate 15. That larger project will also focus on relieving traffic congestion for the SR 52 eastbound commute by extending the third eastbound lane from the Mission Trails Summit where it currently ends to Mast Boulevard in the City of Santee.

In an effort to accelerate some relief to drivers on westbound SR 52 Caltrans initiated a smaller project that consisted of the widening improvements that were recently opened. This work was accomplished quicker because the environmental process required for this piece was much simpler than that required for the overall larger project. This smaller project also took advantage of incorporating $2 million of the Governor Schwarzenegger's "Go-California" funding that would not have otherwise come to this part of California. The "Go-California" funding was matched with TransNet funds as the first step in kick starting work to help the SR 52 westbound commuter.

Caltrans opened the lane on May 1st with the knowledge that we will soon be moving forward with additional construction to improve the commute on SR 52. Early studies show that motorists' travel times through the area have already been reduced by roughly 50 percent.

In late April 2007, shortly before opening the SR 52 westbound lane, Caltrans received approval from the Federal Highway Administration for the environmental document that allows Caltrans to continue forward and construct the SR 52 eastbound and westbound facilities described above. This approval now allows Caltrans to immediately extend the SR 52 westbound lane that stops at Santo Road further west by approximately 2100 feet to tie into the existing third westbound lane. This will eliminate the "bottleneck" and assist in further improving the SR 52 westbound commute.