SR 15 Commuter Bikeway

SR 15 Commuter Bikeway

Two bikeways will be constructed to provide a north-south connection from the communities in the Mid-City area of the City of San Diego to Mission Valley along State Route 15 (SR 15): the SR 15 Commuter Bikeway, which opened to the public in August 2017, and the future Central Avenue Bikeway

Once completed, the bikeways will connect and stretch 2.2 miles between Camino Del Rio South and Landis Street along SR 15.

The SR 15 Commuter Bikeway provides a safe and direct bike route connecting the Mid-City communities, including Kensington, Talmadge, Normal Heights, and City Heights  with the major retail, commercial, education, and entertainment destinations in the city’s Mission Valley area. The bikeway is separated from vehicle traffic and extends from Adams Avenue along a one-mile segment of northbound SR 15 to Camino Del Rio South.

The bikeway is 12 feet wide, paved, and striped to provide two-way travel. It is separated from the freeway shoulder by a concrete barrier. There are several wider paved sections to accommodate resting or passing bike riders, and lighting aligns the bikeway for added visibility and safety. The SR 15 Bikeway was designed primarily for people on bikes but pedestrians are not prohibited. Walkers, runners, skaters, and people using non-motorized transportation may use the facility at any time. To maintain a safe environment for all users, bicycle riders are encouraged to keep their downhill speeds at 15 MPH or slower.

SR 15 Commuter Bikeway

Prior to completion of the SR 15 Commuter Bikeway, the only bike route access between Mid-City and Mission Valley were Fairmount Avenue, which has high speed conflicts, and Texas Street, which has a high speed conflict, and a very steep, sustained grade. 

Neither route provides a convenient link for bicycle commuters between Mid-City and Mission Valley, and both routes result in several miles of additional travel.

The SR 15 Commuter Bikeway is rated a high priority project in the regional bike network established with the adoption of Riding to 2050, the San Diego Regional Bike Plan. This plan was adopted by the SANDAG Board of Directors in May 2010 and subsequently incorporated into the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy in October 2011. The project also is included in the City of San Diego Bicycle Master Plan and the Mid-City Communities Plan. The bikeway was built in conjunction with the SR 15 Mid-City Centerline Rapid Transit Stations, which were completed in early 2018. 


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