San Diego Regional Rail Alternative Alignment Study View the project information page.

Long Term Stabilization Efforts

SANDAG commissioned the San Diego Regional Rail Corridor Alternative Alignment and Improvements Conceptual Engineering Study (SD-LOSSAN), which will determine a long-term safety and operations solution for the Los Angeles-San Diego-San Luis Obispo (LOSSAN) railroad tracks in San Diego. View the project website.

The SD-LOSSAN Study will refine alternative rail alignments proposed in a previous conceptual alignment study completed by SANDAG in 2017 and will suggest improvements for the San Diego section of the LOSSAN rail corridor to address future demand for additional service.

The goal of SD-LOSSAN is to further refine the five previously identified conceptual rail realignments and narrow down the list to at least two preferred alignments. In addition, the SD-LOSSAN analysis will assess the current corridor conditions, such as safety and speed capabilities, to identify opportunities to improve travel times, enhance safety and add future capacity to the corridor. 

Achieving high-speed, high-capacity, frequent transit service goals that are in line with SANDAG’s 2021 Regional Plan may require moving sections of track inland or underground. Part of the study is to further evaluate alternative strategies to move the tracks completely off the Del Mar Bluffs. Upon the completion of the study, and pending funding, SANDAG can begin moving the rail realignment into the preliminary engineering and environmental phase.

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