Oceanside Transit Center Platform Improvement Project

Oceanside Transit CenterThe Oceanside Transit Center (OTC) is one of the busiest transit centers in the San Diego region. More than 1.2 million passengers annually board trains and buses at OTC. The transit center connects transit services between San Diego, Orange, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties. 

To enhance regional transit service, SANDAG and the North County Transit District are undertaking a major expansion of the transit center to increase the number of trains that can board passengers at the same time and allow freight trains to move through the station while passenger trains are boarding. 

Planned improvements include extending the existing boarding platforms to the north, adding a third rail track in the center of the railroad right-of-way, building a new 1,000-foot-long boarding platform to the south, and adding a new passenger walkway at the southern end of the transit center. After the project is done, Metrolink and COASTER trains will be able to use the new track, leaving the two existing main rail lines available for Amtrak and passing freight trains. 

As part of the renovation, rail turnouts and crossovers will be installed to enable trains to shift tracks as they approach the platforms.  

The station also is being improved with customer amenities, including new shelters, seating, ticketing machines, and electronic signs displaying real-time arrivals and departures. New directional lighting will be designed to illuminate the platform while minimizing light to the surrounding area. Additionally, level boarding improvements will be made to better accommodate disabled passengers.

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Project Manager

Tim DeWitt, Senior Engineer
Phone: (619) 699-1935
Email: tim.dewitt@sandag.org
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