Elvira to Morena Double Track

amtrakThe Elvira to Morena Double Track project will add a 2.6-mile second main track from State Route 52 to just south of Balboa Avenue. When linked to double-tracked segments on either end of the project, the result will be a continuous 10.3-mile stretch of double track to improve passenger and freight operations in the LOSSAN coastal rail corridor. The existing railroad track will also be realigned to straighten several curves in the north end of the project.

In addition to track construction, the project includes replacement of three existing single track bridges with new bridges to accommodate double track operations, signal improvements, and ancillary utility and drainage improvements along the corridor segment.

Elvira to Morena Double TrackConcurrent with this project, SANDAG is designing and constructing the Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project, an 11-mile extension of the San Diego Trolley within the same MTS right-of way. SANDAG is coordinating closely between the two projects to ensure smooth construction and effective use of space and resources.

The project will accomplish several goals, including improving train speeds by straightening several curves, enhancing on-time performance, reducing maintenance costs associated with curved alignments, and creating additional operational flexibility along the corridor. By adding a second track, the project will eliminate the need for trains to sit idle at a siding if another train is late, and trains going in opposite directions will be able to pass each other without delay.

In August 2015, construction began on the Control Point (CP) Rose Track Crossovers Project in University City on a section of rail track where Regents Road ends, south of Arriba Street. This work, which is an element of the Elvira to Morena Double Track project, will include installing new rail crossovers and drainage crossings and realigning the track. To accommodate construction a temporary access road will be built on the hillside, near the Regents Road walking trail. Additionally, the turn-around area at Regents Road will be slightly modified for the duration of this project to accommodate a construction staging area. Existing parking on Regents Road, the walking trail, and sidewalk access will be maintained throughout construction. Flaggers will be posted at both ends of the walking trail to assist with pedestrian traffic. The UTC Certified Farmers Market will remain open during construction. Crews will work to minimize noise and other impacts to nearby residents and businesses to the greatest extent possible. Replanting and restoring the work area will take place once the project has been completed, which is anticipated in spring 2016. 

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