As of August 2016, the $850 million TransNet Environmental Mitigation Program (EMP) has supported the acquisition of 39 properties throughout the region, totaling more than 8,600 acres. The land conserved to date is nearly four times the size of the City of Solana Beach. These land purchases are done strategically according to targets set in regional habitat conservation plans. In the SR 76 corridor, for example, the EMP’s land purchases combine with acquisitions by other agencies to create a continuous wildlife corridor spanning thousands of acres along the San Luis Rey River and its tributaries. By focusing on early, large-scale, and cost-effective investments in critical habitats, the EMP has become a model for other agencies, demonstrating how to proactively protect and conserve the environment while responsibly delivering critical transportation infrastructure. 

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Groves Morrison Anderprizes Dean Family Trust Zwesteria Sage Hill Hallmark Leung/Lowe Ayoub San Dieguito Lagoon Lonestar Ranch Tabata Zamudio Mendocino Vessels Jeffries ranch Rincon Deer Canyon Rancho Lilac Zwesteria Groves Jeffries Ranch Leung/Lowe Rincon Tabata Morrison Vessels Hallmark Ayoub Sage Hill Mendocino San Dieguito Lagoon Dean Family Trust Deer Canyon Zamudio Anderprizes Lonestar Ranch Rancho Lilac Laser Laser Time Out Holdings/Stacco Time Out Holdings/Stacco Otay Mesa Parcel A Otay Mesa Parcel A Hidden Valley View Hidden Valley Tijuana Wetlands Tijuana Wetlands Palmer Palmer

Summary of Property Acquired by Corridor 

SR 76

Groves | San Luis Rey, Unincorporated County
Morrison | San Luis Rey, Unincorporated County
Zwesteria | San Luis Rey, Unincorporated County
Tabata | San Luis Rey, Unincorporated County
Vessels | San Luis Rey, Unincorporated County
Jeffries Ranch | San Luis Rey, City of Oceanside
Rancho Lilac | San Luis Rey, Unincorporated County | View photo album
Time Out Holdings/Stacco | San Luis Rey, City of Oceanside | View photo album

I-5 and Coastal Rail

Dean Family Trust | San Dieguito River Valley, City of San Diego
Hallmark | Agua Hedionda Lagoon, City of Carlsbad
Leung/Lowe | San Luis Rey, Unincorporated County
Ayoub | Bataquitos Lagoon, City of Encinitas
San Dieguito Lagoon | San Dieguito River Valley, City of San Diego
Lonestar Ridge | Otay Mesa, City of San Diego
Deer Canyon | Carmel Valley, City of San Diego
Laser | San Elijo Lagoon, City of Encinitas
Torrey Pines Restoration | Torrey Pines State Park, City of San Diego
Foss Lake | City of Oceanside
Batiquitos Bluffs | Cities of Carlsbad and Encinitas
Deer Canyon Uplands | Carmel Valley, City of San Diego


Anderprizes | Otay Mesa, City of San Diego
Sage Hill | Elfin Forest, Unincorporated County
Zamudio | Del Mar Mesa, City of San Diego
Mendocino | Elfin Forest, Unincorporated County
Rincon | San Luis Rey, Unincorporated County
Otay Mesa Parcel A | Western Otay Mesa, City of San Diego
Hidden Valley | Jamul | View photo album
Palmer | Alpine
San Marcos Creek | City of San Marcos
Mast Park | City of Santee
Faubus Farms | San Luis Rey, Unincorporated County
Tijuana Wetlands | Tijuana River Valley
Cielo Del Norte Grant | Elfin Forest
Lakeside Downs | Lakeside
Lucky 5 | Laguna Mountain
Skyline 244 | Jamul
San Diego Mountain Ranch | Unincorporated County
Clover Flat | Unincorporated County
Sage Hill

Sage Hill

Laser Property


Rancho Lilac

Rancho Lilac
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